Assisted living and skilled nursing facilities invest deeply in how their facilities look. The spend millions on architecture, landscaping and the layout of common areas. They offer “happy hours” and dancing. When you sign the admission agreements in their beautiful lobbies, you don’t ask yourself, “Is the corporate structure of this facility such that if something bad happens to Mom, she has no legal recourse?” Unfortunately, though, the facility has thought a lot about it. The facility is usually operated by a “single purpose entity” designed specifically to discourage those injured by their caregivers from recovering anything by claiming to have no assets to pay a judgment. Other times, the facility doesn’t even own the license to operate the facility. They’ve sold it to a government-owned county hospital hundreds of miles away so they can claim “sovereign immunity” from a lawsuit. Still other times, the facilities set up their insurance so that it won’t cover the claim your loved one would otherwise make.
We deal with these situations almost every day. We have developed strategies to successfully deal with these tactics to get to the money behind these corporate shields, sometimes called the “corporate veil.” Our advantage is we understand corporate structure, finance and the legal machinations to hold large companies accountable

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