About 5 years ago, I was mad that I still had whole life insurance policies I had purchased when I was much younger.   I didn’t feel they served the insurance need I had (being an older Dad with young children).   I took out my frustration on my friend, who had sold me the policies and went to another broker for term life.  In the application process, I had some blood work done.  My PSA was elevated, which I never would have known.  I went to a urologist, who did more testing. My PSA had shot up quickly from the test weeks earlier.  I had further tests, MRI’s and finally a biopsy.  Yep.  I had prostate cancer.  Almost 4 years later, I saw my friend’s name on a parents’ group list for my daughter’s college.  His son was a year ahead of Vivian.  We hadn’t spoken since I changed my insurance.  I called him, apologized for being a jerk about the policies, but said having policies I didn’t like may have saved my life.  He quickly forgave me.  Then he gave me a hard time about something I had said years earlier and we laughed like we had years ago.  I’m really glad to be alive and hope to see my friend soon.

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