Catastrophic injuries not only profoundly change the lives of the injured, but also create long-lasting effects in the lives of victim’s family. Months, years or even a lifetime of care and assistance may be needed, including expensive follow up surgeries and intensive rehabilitation.

The emotional toll, the physical pain and suffering, the economic devastation of a permanent disability and the crushing medical bills must all somehow be managed.

Jack has tried multiple cases involving life-taking or life-changing injuries in front of a jury including: nursing home negligence, bad drugs, doctor and hospital mistakes, work place injuries, car wrecks, trucking accidents and poorly designed vehicles or tires.

Whether caused by a work place injury, a car wreck, a trucking accident, a bad drug, a poorly designed vehicle or tire, a hospital’s failure, a doctors’ mistake, a nursing home’s negligence – anything that causes a life-taking or life-changing injury, Jack Modesett has seen it and tried it in front of jury.

Jack first worked as an insurance defense lawyer and knows first-hand how insurance companies, employers, doctors and hospitals react to those who have been harmed by negligence or recklessness. Since then, he has tried and won cases all over Texas on behalf of the injured.

Jack is one of the few remaining lawyers in Texas willing to take on negligent nursing homes, hospitals and doctors (and their insurance companies) in whose hands we place the care of our families.