“Commercial litigation” covers the widest range of business-related disputes. Since 1988, Walter Williams and Jack Modesett have developed the necessary skill set and experience through hard work and consistent improvement to handle complex commercial litigation.

They grind through thousands of pages of documents and discovery, dig deep to find the lost witness and develop lines of questioning that others may overlook. They can then craft that information into a compelling trial story that is consistent with the life experience of a jury. Walter and Jack thrive on this process.

In 2004, Walter won the largest verdict in Travis County, Texas for that year, of $11 million for breach of contract, fraud, fraudulent inducement and piercing the corporate veil. In 2007, he won a million-dollar verdict in Bexar County for breach of contract, fraudulent transfers and real estate fraud.

In 2009, Jack and Walter won a million-dollar verdict in Hidalgo County, Texas for tortious interference of business relationship. In 2011, Walter and Jack won a million-dollar verdict in Travis County, for breach of contract and failure to maintain the business entity, which subjected all the partners to personal liability.

In 2012, Jack and Walter have worked on cases involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, shareholder oppression, shareholder derivative actions, wrongful discharge, redemption of partnership interests, conversion of corporate stock, statutory and common law fraud, piercing the corporate veil, declaratory judgment – corporate bylaws and bankruptcy adversary proceedings (including dischargeability claims).